Pet adoptions occur six (6) days a week.  Ventura County Animal Services is closed on Mondays.


  1. Everyone in the family should be prepared to care for another living being.
  2. You should have the resources to ensure the animal remains healthy by taking them for annual check-ups and keeping up to date with their vaccinations and licensing.
  3. When bringing new animals home, slowly acclimate them to their new home.  Introduce them slowly to their new siblings.  Rushing introductions is a top reason for animal returns.  The first 30 days should be calm, stress-free and uneventful.


8-15 stray dogs enter our facility each day.  60% of these dogs get reclaimed by their owner.  Animals who do not get reclaimed may become available for adoption by the general public.  We have created a system by which members of the public can adopt a homeless animal.  Please familiarize yourself with our ADOPTION PROCESS before scheduling an appointment below.  Please know that popular breeds and younger dogs will garner more attention.  Please be patient

  • REQUIRED:  Adoption Counseling via phone is required prior to coming to the shelter to adopt a dog.
  • Phone consultations are by appointment-only and are scheduled only one, two, three and four days into the future.  If all appointment slots appear empty in the scheduling screen, it simply means we have not opened/released those dates yet.  Please check back tomorrow morning when a new set of appointment slots are released.
  • Please be aware of the following prior to scheduling a Virtual Adoption Counseling appointment:
      • ALREADY ADOPTED:  Adoption Counseling Sessions are conducted in the order in which they are scheduled online by you, the public.  Dogs you are interested in may get adopted by those who have scheduled an appointment prior to yours.  In this situation we will let you know the dog has been adopted and cancel your appointment.   NOTE:  Smaller and younger dogs often have multiple interested parties.
      • RECLAIMED 1:  A dog you are interested in may get reclaimed by their owner after you have scheduled a phone consultation.  In this situation we will let you know and cancel your appointment.
      • RECLAIMED 2:  Dogs may also get reclaimed by their owner even if they have been adopted ‘on paper,’ but who are still on our property.  This scenario is very rare, but it does occur and you should be aware.
      • RETURNED:  If the dog you were previously interested in was adopted and then got returned, you will need to schedule another appointment.  Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to notify every interested party who previously scheduled an adoption counseling appointment.
  • We will call you at the time of your scheduled appointment.  During the counseling session we will tell you more about the dog(s) you are interested in.  If everyone feels a good match will likely be made, the Adoption Counselor will schedule a time for you to meet the dog in person at the shelter.
  • If you choose to adopt the dog after you’ve met them, you must be able to take the dog home that day as we are unable to place holds on animals.
  • Masks/face covering are required for any/all on-site visits.

Adoptable Date:  Appointments can be made for dogs who have an “Adoptable Date” in the future, however you will not be allowed to meet or take home that dog until that date has been reached or passed as their owner may still come to reclaim them.

NOTE:  If all appointment slots appear full in the scheduling screen, please check back tomorrow morning when a new set of appointment slots are released.  Remember, you can only schedule an appointment four (4) days into the future;  all other slots will appear empty throughout the rest of the year. Please click here to schedule an Adoption Counseling session via phone.  



  • No appointment necessary.  Cat/kitten adoptions are on a first-come, first-served basis on weekdays between 2:00pm – 4:00pm and weekends 2:00pm – 5:30pm.  No adoptions on Mondays.
  • HOW IT WORKS:  At 9:00am a clipboard will be made available in the parking lot of the Camarillo Animal Shelter for you to write your name and phone number on.  Shelter staff will not be present until 9:00am and will not be able to monitor who has arrived in which order.  Please be respectful for those who have arrived before you and please maintain social distance when taking turns at the clipboard.
  • At 2:00pm we will begin texting parties in the order in which their names appear on the clipboard.
  • Please return to the shelter parking lot by 1:45pm to ensure your participation in the adoption process.
  • Please remain in your car until you are texted.  When you are texted, an Officer will escort you to our cat rooms and show you which cats/kittens are available for adoption.
  • Please ensure all parties are wearing a mask or face covering.
  • If you wish to adopt a cat/kitten you see, you must be able to take them home that day as we are unable to place holds on animals.

IMPORTANT:  Adoptions may end before 4:00pm if all available cats/kittens have been adopted for the day.  But, don’t worry!  A new group of cats/kittens are made available for adoption each day.  If you are waiting in the parking lot in the event we run out of adoptable cats, we will send a text message to all remaining parties listed on the clipboard.



  • Rabbit adoptions are by appointment only.
  • Please email our VCAS Bunny Brigade at to schedule an appointment.
  • In the email please indicate which rabbit(s) you are interested in by referencing the rabbit’s 6-digit Animal ID Number (Example:  A736461).



SHELTER LOCATIONS:   The majority of animals are located at the Camarillo Animal Shelter at 600 Aviation Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010.  Animals who are in kennels 900-990 are located at the Simi Valley Animal Shelter at 670 West Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93065. 

PETS IN PARTNER STORES:  We have partnered with a number of pet supply stores throughout the area to temporarily house our shelter pets and help find them loving homes.  At this time, only cats are housed offsite in pet stores.  If a cat is being housed in a partner store, their store location will be listed on the pet’s profile.  Our store partners include:

PETCO, CAMARILLO (805) 384-5435
PETCO, GRANADA HILLS (818) 368-7386
PETCO, MOORPARK, (805) 552-0370
PETCO, PORT HUENEME, (805) 984-3470
PETCO, SIMI VALLEY, (805) 582-9045
PETCO, UNLEASHED, (805) 584-8220
PETCO, VENTURA, (805) 639-3016
PETCO, THOUSAND OAKS, (805) 449-1504

PETSMART, CAMARILLO (805) 384-8401
PETSMART, OXNARD (805) 288-8495
PETSMART, SIMI VALLEY (805) 306-1912
PETSMART, VENTURA (805) 650-9191
PETSMART, WESTLAKE (805) 865-8626 

ANIMAL HEALTH:  Although we take every precaution concerning the health and well-being of our shelter animals, we cannot make a guarantee of any kind regarding the health or physical condition of an adopted animal.  Like humans, shelter animals may become infected with an illness but not show any signs or symptoms of illness for many days.  Please keep a watchful eye on your newly adopted pet for signs of illness (loss of appetite, decrease energy level, vomiting, diarrhea, increase thirst, weight gain/loss, etc.)  Our VCAS Veterinary Team are unable to treat an illness which has not presented itself.  Please schedule your free checkup with your veterinarian as soon as possible after your pet comes home.  Please be aware that shelter pets, like humans, may bring home unknown illnesses.  If your newly adopted pet appears ill, it is recommended you seek veterinary assistance for your other pets as a precaution.

If a medical issue arises immediately after adoption, we would be happy to speak with you about it.  Please call (805) 388-4341.  Understand that any medical bills incurred for your pet will be solely your financial responsibility.

Most shelter animals come to us as strays, with unknown medical histories.  Therefore, a complete check-up by your veterinarian is a post-adoption essential!  To ensure the happy and healthy life of your newly adopted family member, we urge you to have your pet examined routinely by a veterinarian.


RETURN POLICY:  If an adoption does not work out for any reason, you may return the adopted animal within 30 days from the date of adoption for a full refund.  VCAS Adoption Counselors are, however, standing by to help you with any issues you are facing.  Returning an animal is a last resort when all other efforts have been exhausted.


FINDER’S FIRST RIGHTS OF REFUSAL:  Any person, recorded to be the source of the animal’s impound, that turns over a stray animal to this Department, has the first option to adopt the animal if/when he/she becomes available for adoption.  The finder must be present when the animal first becomes available for adoption, and if one or more persons wish to adopt the animal at that time, the finder has the right of first refusal.

  1. Finders first right of refusal will not be offered for underage/underweight animals, litters, or animals with obvious/severe medical conditions that may extend the due out date (the date the animal can be adopted) for treatment or have guarded prognosis.  For example: suspected parvovirus, fractures, hit by car, etc.
  2. Finders first right of refusal will not be offered if an animal is determined to be unplaceable/unadoptable due to medical or behavioral conditions.
  3. Finders of animals with guarded medical/behavioral prognosis may be listed in as an interested party and may be called if the animal becomes available but will not be reserved.


Dog adoptions fees include:  Spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations (Bordetella, DAPPL4 and Canine Influenza), flea preventative, deworming preventative, rabies vaccination, microchip implant, free health check-up voucher

Cat adoption fees include:  Spay or neuter surgery. FVRCP vaccination, flea preventative, deworming preventative, rabies vaccination, microchip implant, 1-year cat license (iff applicable), free health check-up voucher, cardboard carrier.

Adoption fees and included services are subject to change.  Please call (805) 388-4341 if you have questions regarding the adoption fee of any animal.

Adoption Fee

Animal Species


Dog adoption for Ventura County residents. Includes license, sterilization and microchip.


Dog adoption for out-of-county residents. Includes sterilization and microchip.


Cat adoption includes sterilization and microchip (additional license fees may apply)


Rodents and insects


Birds. Common caged.


Birds. Exotic


Fowl or poultry. Common variety.


Exotic Mammals or Reptiles (i.e. chinchillas, ball pythons..etc.)


Reptiles. Common and amphibians.


Rabbits. Indoor domestic. Spayed.neutered.


Turtles and tortoises


Tortoises (Sulcata)


Guinea Pig and Cavy


Adoption discounts/promotions occur in one of two ways:

  1. Occasionally throughout the year as holiday “specials”.  These “specials” are usually,  announced on our Facebook Event page.  If you “follow” us on Facebook, you will likely get an alert when a promotion is announced.  
  2. Year-round adoption discounts are available as follows:
    • Dogs or cats 5 years or older can be adopted for 50% of the normal adoption fee.
    • People 55 years or older can adopt any dog or cat for 50% of the normal adoption fee.
    • Veterans of the United States Armed Forces can adopt a dog or cat for 50% of the normal adoption fee if they present any form of identification, including a DD124 or U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs card.
    • Veterans of the United States Armed Forces can adopt a dog/cat at no cost per SB-245, the Pets For Vets Act if specific identification is presented.

Only two forms of ID are accepted in order to receive a fee-waived dog or cat adoption under SB-245 (Pets For Vets Act effective January 1, 2020.)  1. A California Driver License with “VETERAN” printed on its face, or 2) A California ID Card with “VETERAN” printed on its face.  Those who do not have either of these forms of ID are eligible to receive a half-priced adoption discount if the Veterans has any form of identification, including a DD124 or U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs card.

IMPORTANT:  Adoption promotions and discounts cannot be combined and do not include the cost of a pet license.  Promotions or discounts do not guarantee the adoption of a shelter pet.  All interested parties must speak with an Adoption Counselor to ensure the best possible matches are made.

What comes with each dog and cat adoption?

As many of you are aware, animals are sold or “re-homed” online in un-reputable online venues such as Craig’s List.  While these animals need good homes, please be aware of a few things prior to making this crucial decision:

  • Health:  Animals sold online often do not come with a health history.  These animals may have been inbred.
  • Behavior:  Animals sold online may have been housed in unkempt conditions with little/no human contact.
  • Intention:  Animals sold online are often done so with money being the goal.
  • You may think $300 is a great deal for a Pug puppy, but consider the following:  Animals “sold” online 

We are often asked what comes with each pet adoption.  The answer to that question can vary depending on the animal’s condition upon arrival.  Some animals come into our care healthy and happy.  Some are already spayed/neutered and even microchipped.  All they really need is their vaccinations and a flea treatment before going home.

Conversely, some animals may require extensive medical or behavioral attention.  We regularly receive animals who have been injured and even hit by a car.  Our fully equipped Veterinary Hospital has a highly experienced team of doctors, registered veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants who all work to ensure each animal is provided the best care possible.

Those interested in adopting a shelter pet may be surprised as to the extent of services we provide the animals in our care.  The estimate below were calculated based on the average cost of these services from veterinary clinics, hospitals and private practices in Ventura County.

The service below will vary from animal to animal, but the love and attention or staff and volunteers provide is priceless.  You cannot estimate the cost of love and attention an Animal Control Officer gives to a shelter pet, nor can you place a value on the round-the-clock care thousands of our pets receive each year while in foster care.

Included With Dog and Cat Adoptions


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