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Spay and Neuter


In 2014, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved a mandatory Spay and Neuter Ordinance (4421-3) requiring all dogs and cats six (6) months and older to be spayed or neutered. The purpose of this ordinance is to control the overpopulation of animals in Ventura County, but there are a number of additional benefits to having your pet spayed and neutered.


Animals who are spayed or neutered:

    1. Tend to live longer, healthier and happier lives.
    2. Are free from ovarian and testicular cancer and have a lower prevalence of certain types of other cancers.
    3. Are less likely to spray and mark territory.
    4. Tend to have less behavior problems due to the absence of testosterone in their system.
    5. Tend to cost the owners less money in the long run.
    6. Are less likely to escape your yard and roam the community.


The cost of a pet license for spayed or neutered animals in Ventura County is considerably less when compared to a pet license for an unaltered/intact animal.


Simply spay or neuter your pet.  If you have been given a notice to comply with this ordinance, you must submit proof of sterilization within sixty (60) days from the time of notice.  Visit to submit documents.


Ventura County Ordinance 4421-4 lists exemptions to the spay and neuter ordinance.  Please tap/click here to view the list of exemptions in its entirety.  If you are applying for an exemption to this ordinance, please submit the appropriate documentation via DocuPet at

If you are applying for a breeder permit, please click here.


Failure to comply with this ordinance may result in an administrative citation.


  • MYTH:  My pet will gain weight if spayed or neutered.
    • FACT:  It’s lack of exercise and overfeeding which causes weight-gain, not being spayed or neutered.
  • MYTH:  The surgery is very dangerous.
    • FACT:  Every surgery comes with risk when using anesthesia.  Spay and neuter surgeries done today are safer now than they have every been.
  • MYTH:  Neutering will make my pet feel less of a male.
    • FACT:  Animals do not have a concept of ego or sexual identity.
  • MYTH:  It’s best to let my dog have a litter first.
    • FACT:  There is no medical benefit associated with allowing them to have a litter first.
  • MYTH:  It’s too expensive.
    • FACT:  There are non-profit agencies that offer low-cost or no-cost spay and neuter services.  Continue reading to learn more.


Support our department’s efforts to provide no-cost spay/neuter services to intact animals who are being reclaimed by their owners as a result of having ben brought to the shelter as a lost or stray pet.  Your purchase of a Pet Lover’s license plate through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) helps support these efforts.


Free spay or neuter vouchers are available for licensed companion animals through Ventura County Animal Services.  Please call (805) 388-4341 for information regarding vouchers and how to obtain one.


Every person who owns a dog or cat over the age of four (4) months that is kept in the unincorporated areas of the County of Ventura is required to have such dog or cat spayed or neutered unless an exception applies under Section 4421-4.  Tap/click here to view the full ordinance.

Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Resources:

Marketing Materials

Below are a few marketing materials used to help educate and inform the community regarding the importance of spay and neuter.  Please feel free to share any of these materials as you see fit.  Thank you for helping educate the community!

Advertising Materials

Please feel free to download, share and/print any of these advertising materials.  The PDF versions below can be used for printing purposes.

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