Holiday Season Hours:  Christmas Eve (Closing at 3:00pm), Christmas Day (Closed), New Year’s Eve (Closing at 3:00pm), New Year’s Day (Closed).

Ventura County Animal Services will be closed Thursday, November 23 in observance of Thanksgiving.  Lost and Found services remain available.

Lost & Found


Due the large number of animals who enter our shelter each day, we are unable to guarantee each lost report is matched against the animals at our shelter. Please continue to watch our website daily and follow the instructions below.




Follow the instructions below to increase your chances of finding your lost pet.  The biggest mistake people make is not doing everything on the lists below. 

Let’s Begin...

  1. COMPLETE a LOST ANIMAL REPORT. Please be advised that submitting a LOST REPORT does not mean VCAS personnel are out looking for your lost pet.  This is a common misconception.  You must continue looking for your pet on your own.
  2. VIEW shelter pets EVERY DAY at Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, or Other species.   Due the large numbers of animals who enter our shelter each day, we are unable to guarantee each lost report is matched against the animals at our shelter.  Please continue to watch this website daily.
  3. SEARCH our LIST OF DECEASED ANIMALS.  Sometimes the unthinkable happens and your cherished pet is found deceased.  This list provides descriptions and locations only, no photographs.
  4. VIEW FOUND DOGS or FOUND CATS.  Someone may have found your pet and are caring for them at their home.
  5. CREATE a LOST PET FLYER (IMPORTANT)  Offer a reward – it increases your chance of being reunited.  Use flyer you created to hand to people.  Use the JPEG version of the flyer to post on social media platforms.
  6. POST the lost pet flyer you just created on the appropriate Missing Pet Facebook page below.  These pages are maintained by Good Samaritans in our community:
  7. MAKE POSTERS with bright backgrounds.  They will get noticed much more the flyers.  Consult local law before posting in public spaces.
  8. POST the flyer you made on CRAIGS LIST EVERY THREE (3) DAYS.
  9. VISIT 24Petconnect (formerly Pet Harbor) for addition
  10. VISIT the PETCO LOVE LOST website and post your lost pet’s photo.  The facial recognition platform will help match your missing pet to others reported found.
  11. POST the flyer you made on your NEXTDOOR neighborhood.
  12. SET UP a PAW BOOST alert.
  13. CHECK other shelters for your missing pet: Humane Society of Ventura County (805) 646-6505 and Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center (S.P.A.R.C.) (805) 525-8609.
  14. Additional Resources:  Missing Pet Partnership, Lost Dogs Ventura County, Lost Cats Ventura County, Lost My Kitty.

How Far INDOOR-ONLY Cats Travel.

Indoor-Only cats typically stay close to home.  On average they will travel 50 yards from home, or approximately 2 1/2 house lengths away.

How Far OUTDOOR-ACCESS Cats Travel.

Outdoor-Access cats are typically found 344 yards away or 17 house lengths away.

All animals arriving at Ventura County Animal Services are scanned for a microchip implant.  Please ensure your pet’s microchip is registered and the contact information is up-to-date.  If you have an old phone number or email address associated with the microchip, we will not be able to contact you if your pet enters the shelter.  If your pet comes into our care and there is information connected to the pet’s microchip, ID tag or license, we will make all reasonable attempts to contact you, including phone calls, emails, and sending letters via U.S. Mail.  Animals who arrive at VCAS with any form of ID are placed on an automatic extended stray hold of ten (10) days.  Animals who enter our shelter who do not have ID, are placed on a five (5) day stray hold.  Animals are made available for adoption when their stray hold is over.

Facial Recognition Technology Helps Bring Animals Home!

Is your pet missing?  Don’t panic.  Simply upload a photo of your dog or cat to the Petco Love Lost database and the groundbreaking technology will scan for a match to help find them.  #PetcoLoveLost


Thank you for taking care of someone else’s pet.  Please remember that this is not your pet and, according to VC Ordinance 4468-1, you cannot keep a found animal without making a concerted effort to find the owner.  As humans we tend to invent reasons to justify keeping found pets, such as, “If the owner really loved you, their yard would be secure.” or “I will be a better parent that those who let you go.”  These are false assumptions and false justifications for keeping found animals for yourself.  Someone out there is very worried and they will be very grateful when you return their family member to them!

Following these steps will greatly increase your chances of finding their owner!  The only mistake people make is not doing everything on this list.

Let’s Begin...

  2. CHECK animal for ID tags and call any numbers you find.
  3. CHECK pet for VCAS Smart TagLicense tag. If pet has a QR code on the tag, hold your phone’s camera to the code but do not take a picture.  A link will pop up on your phone.  Follow the link to the owner’s information.  If the pet has a metal tag, call VCAS at (805) 388-4341 and read us the License Tag number so we can contact the owner.
  4. CHECK for a microchip. Take the pet to a Veterinary Clinic or Hospital to get scanned for a microchip. Get the microchip number from the veterinarian and search the national database at
  5. CREATEFOUND ANIMAL FLYER.  You can save the flyer you just made as a digital file (JPEG) to post elsewhere online.  We also suggest printing flyers to post around the neighborhood and to hand to people.
  6. TAKE A WALK.  Friendly dogs don’t travel far and are usually close to home.  Ask people, “Do you recognize the dog I’m walking?”
  7. SEARCH for the pet you found on Facebook Missing Pet pages and POST the flyer you just created:
    CAMARILLO Missing Pets OJAI Missing Pets SIMI VALLEY Missing Pets
    FILLMORE Missing Pets OXNARD Missing Pets SOMIS Missing Pets
    MOORPARK Missing Pets PORT HUENEME Missing Pets THOUSAND OAKS Missing Pets
    NEWBURY PARK Missing Pets SIMI VALLEY Missing Cats VENTURA COUNTY Missing Pets
  8. POST the flyer you made on your Next Door neighborhood and PawBoost.
  9. BE CAUTIOUS:  If someone says they are the owner, have them provide proof before you meet. If they cannot send you photos of them with their dog, be wary.  They can also send you photos of any adoption paperwork they may have.
  10. BE CAUTIOUS:  Even if they have proven ownership, meet at a public place such as a Police Station or Fire Station.  If they don’t want to meet at a public place, this should be a red flag and do not meet them.  Speak with the police and provide the party’s contact information.
  11. KEEPING THE ANIMAL:  By law, you must continue to search for the owner for at least 30 days (V.C. Ordinance 4468-1) after which you can claim ownership by registering the animal under your name at the shelter.
If you have found the owner, congratulate yourself for saving a life and reuniting them with their very thankful family!


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