Transparency is very important to us at Ventura County Animal Services.  This page is dedicated to providing statistics regarding the intake and outcome of nearly 12,000 animals who enter our shelter system each year. Our 2019 Annual Report is a comprehensive report containing an in-depth data analysis.

There are two reports we publish each month, the Asilomar Report which reflects income and outcome data on dogs and cats along with their live release rate, a percentage of live outcomes.  This report, however, does not highlight the dozens of programs we have created to enrich the lives of our animals.  For that, we publish the Monthly Report.  This one-page dashboard attempts to illustrate the magnitude of what is accomplished each month, but even this report falls short in many areas.  It does not, for example, highlight such innovative programs like our Rescue Readers program where children read to shelter pets, or our amazing Bunny Brigade, who are a 100% volunteer-based group who care for our cherished rabbits from intake to outcome.

We encourage you to get to know the people and pets behind the data. Visit our FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages. Watch a video. Read a story.  Or better yet, come and join the village. Become a Volunteer and give love and attention directly to the animals in our care.  Become a Foster parent and make a difference by bringing a shelter pet into your loving home.

If you have any questions regarding our data, or anything else, please ask. Email us at

Annual Report: We began creating an annual report in 2019.
VCAS Annual Report for 2019

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