Ventura County Animal Services’ staff, volunteers and foster parents care deeply for the animals who enter our shelter system.  While some animals arrive happy and healthy, others may arrive scared, injured, ill or have behavior issues requiring our dedicated teams to mend broken bones and heal broken hearts.

Our top priority is to reunite lost pets with their owners.  Stray animals are placed on a 5-day hold in order to give their owners time to find them.  Animals who arrive with any form of ID are placed on an extended 10-day hold.  If you recognize your lost animal, please reclaim them during normal business hours.  Visit our Lost and Found to view animals found by good Samaritans.  Animals who have not been found by their owner can be made available to adopt after their stray hold has passed.  If you are tracking an animal on our website and they disappear from the list below, it is likely because their owner came to pick them up.


Please CLICK HERE to review our adoption process before moving forward.  Understanding our adoption process will allow this experience to be easier and will increase your chances of finding your next best friend, sooner!

For DOG ADOPTIONS, please have ready the Animal ID# of the dog(s) you are interested in and CLICK HERE to schedule a required phone consultation.  PLEASE NOTE:  Appointments are scheduled only four (4) days in advance, thus all other dates will appear taken because they have not yet been made available.

For CAT/KITTEN ADOPTIONS, please visit the Camarillo Animal Shelter between 2:00pm – 4:00pm (Closed Mondays). Please CLICK HERE to review our full cat adoption process.

For RABBIT ADOPTIONS, please email VCASbunnybrigade@gmail.com.

For species OTHER than dog, cat or rabbit, please follow the adoption process for dogs.

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Animal Legend

ANIMAL DESCRIPTION:  Data is collected on every animal brought into our care.  This data may change throughout an animal’s time with us.

Animal ID

Please use this unique number when referencing animals.


Some animals come in with names. Once animals become available for adoption, VCAS staff/volunteers are free to name animals.


This is our best guess based on body condition, teeth, eyes...etc.


Animals are weighed upon intake and at medical check ups.


If an animal does not have “neutered” or “spayed” preceding their gender, this indicates they are either still intact or have not been verified to be altered.


This is our best guess based on our team’s experience, not a DNA profile.

Intake Date

The date the animal has been impounded into our system.

Adoptable Date

The date the animal can be adopted out. Animals are usually on a 5 or 10-day hold to give their owners time to find them. Appointments can be made for dogs who have an “Adoptable Date” in the future, however you will not be allowed to meet or take home that dog until that date has been reached.


Kennels 001-899 are at the Camarillo Shelter.

Kennels 900 - 998 are at the Simi Valley Shelter. 

Animals in Kennel “Foster” are in foster care and are available for adoption.

Animals in Kennel “Offsite” are being temporarily housed in a partner location (Petco, PetSmart, etc.) and can be adopted from that location.

City Found

The city in which the animal was found or reported found.


Location where the animal is currently living.

TAGS:  This color-coded system provides additional information about animals in our care.  These tags may change.



Pending Adoption

This animal has an adoption pending.

Rescue Transfer Pending

This animal is pending transfer to a transfer rescue partner.

Under Evaluation

This animal is under a medical and/or behavioral evaluation.

Rescue Transfer Preferred

This animal would best be suited for a Rescue Transfer Partner.

Medical Hold 

This animal is under a medical hold.


This animal is under a quarantine for health and/or safety reasons.

█  – Animal is spoken for and is not available for adoption.

 – Animal is currently not available for adoption.


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