Working Whiskers Program

The VCAS Working Whiskers Program provides an alternative placement for feral/community cats who cannot be returned to the area from which they came.  This program allows cats the opportunity to continue doing what they love — hunting and living outdoors in open areas such as barns, horse stables or garden sheds.

Those adopting working cats apply through a formal process to ensure they meet the requirements.  They must be able to provide shelter, food, and water and have the ability to trap their working cats and transport them for regular Veterinary check-ups.

All Working Whiskers cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ear-tipped (a surgical procedure whereby the tip of the cat’s ear is removed while under anesthesia).  Ear-tipping is an easy way to differentiate between a working cat who is a member of an established colony or another stray cat who has entered the area. 

If you would like to adopt a Working Whiskers cat, please complete the application below when you are ready to bring a cat home.  Applicants must provide a safe environment for three (3) weeks to allow the cat to adapt and accept their new home.  Cats are subject to availability.  Please email us if you have any questions or need additional information.

Working Whiskers Application

Thank you for your interest in our VCAS Working Whiskers program!  Owning a working cat can be a very rewarding experience.  These cats patrol your property freely and can help keep the rodent population in-check.  However, owning a working cat is very different than owning a domestic house cat.  Please understand that you will not be able to handle these cats nor should you attempt to do so.  All members of the household, and any visitors, should understand this fact, especially young children.  

If you are interested in adopting a working cat, please complete this application to the best of your ability.  A Ventura County Animal Services staff member will contact you when a working cat becomes available.  Please be in a position to receive a working cat prior to submitting this form.  Thank you!

I have carefully read the information above and have completed the application completely and to the best of my knowledge and ability.  By submitting this application, I certify that the information entered is true.  I understand that omission of information or failure to answer all questions honestly can result in this application being denied.