Animal Details


Animal ID: A749865
Name: Lux
Age: 4 Years
Weight: 91 lbs
Gender: Neutered Male
Breed: Siberian Husky
Intake Date: Thursday January 30, 2020
Adoptable Date: Tuesday February 18, 2020
Kennel: 037
City Found: OXNARD
Shelter: Camarillo Animal Shelter
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Lux – A749865

Lux is an active boy who is looking for a roommate-someone who is secure enough to adopt a dog who isn’t the typical “yes man”, but rather needs a little bit of time with new people to make sure they are worth his affection. If you pass his tests, take it slow, and give him time to get comfortable, you will have a friend for life!

As a husky, Lux is pretty much up for anything active-playing, hiking, running, he loves it all! However, he would prefer a quiet home without a lot of visitors with one or two people who are ready to take on a bit of a rescue project. Lux came into the shelter pretty standoffish and unfriendly with staff, but he has formed a bond with a few people he considers friends, and that’s when he really lets loose. If you aren’t familiar with Lux, he would prefer to give you the cold shoulder, so if you have visitors over, he would be best being put in a room away from the activity. Also, Lux would need to go to an adult-only house-children are just a little bit too much for this boy.

Lux has participated in our playgroups and has done well with certain dogs, but he does have a pretty pushy personality, so he may do best as the only animal in the home and he definitely shouldn’t live with smaller animals. Lux isn’t your typical “dog park dog”, because his assertive/pushy playstyle may be offensive to some dogs.

Lux’s best friend at Ventura County Animal Services mentions that he is excitable and wiggly and will often times lean into him and lay in his lap to get attention. He shows occasional interest in treats, and we haven’t found any toys that Lux particularly appreciates, but he seems to mostly enjoy running around in the grass and hanging out with his selected friends.

We are looking for a rescue placement for this young boy as he has shown some sensitivity with handling until he gets to know you, but if you are interested and think you have the perfect home, please contact us at to learn more about Lux and see if we can make the perfect match.

Also, check out his video featuring his best friend Mitchell!