Pet Surrender

Pet Surrender
Ventura County Animal Services understands there are some circumstances where surrendering your animal is unavoidable.  Remember, surrendering your pet is the last resort when you have tried everything else.  We have helped thousands of pets over the years.  Please, let us help you.


  • Did you acquire your pet from a breeder?
    • If so, you would have signed a contract stipulating that the pet can/should be returned if you decide or can no longer keep them.
  • Did you acquire your pet from an Animal Rescue organization?
  • New baby in the family?
    • Here are two resources to help your baby and pet live together:
    • Are you moving?
      • There are apartments, townhouses, and condos that accept pets. Many places will even allow you to spread a pet deposit over multiple months.  Also, please note that Emotional Support Animals must be accepted in all housing situations.  Check out Pet-Friendly Rentals in the county.
    • Don’t have enough time for your dog?
      • Experts agree that a dog requires a mere 15 minutesof one-on-one time with his owner each day to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.  Pets reduce personal stress and can add years to your life and even decrease the amount of medication you take – try to make the time for you and your dog.
    • Are there behavioral issues?
      • Is your dog having trouble getting along with other animals, or are there other behavioral issues that have led to your decision to give up your dog? If so, let us help you.  Email us at  We can recommend a local trainer.  Take a look at our Behavior & Training Page for information on a wide range of pet issues.  Many problems can be improved by having your pet spayed or neutered. Contact our Pet Retention Coordinator ( to learn about the many resources available.  If you didn’t socialize your dog as a puppy, it’s not too late to enroll them in obedience school.  It’s fun and can count as your 15 minutes of bonding time.
    • Experiencing financial issues?
  • Help owners that need urgent veterinary care, emergency vet visits or expensive surgery
  • Solutions Checklist!
    • Have you tried finding your pet a new home on your own?
    • Have you checked with family/friends/neighbors/coworkers to see if they can take your pet?
    • Have you tried re-homing your pet using our Courtesy Re-homing page?
    • Have you read our list of Re-Homing Tips that will increase your chances of finding a new home for your pet?
    • Have you listed your pet on ?
    • Have you tried temporarily boarding as a temporary solution?
    • Have you talked with your doctor about obtaining a prescription for an “Emotional Support Animal” that will allow you to keep a pet even if a landlord/property manager directs you otherwise?
    • Have you tried setting up a GoFundMe to raise funds for a vet procedure or pet deposit?
    • Have you contacted “Dogs on Deployment ” regarding the safe keeping of your pet while you’re on active duty?
    • Have you attended one of our monthly low-cost Rabies vaccination clinics? Making sure your pet is up-to-date on their shots will make your pet more adoptable.