In an effort to reduce the number of animals surrendered to VCAS, we have developed a Pet Retention, safety net program.  This program has been highly successful in helping over 1,000 people keep their pets each year who would otherwise have needed to surrender them.  Our Pet Retention program offers resources and short-term assistance including supplemental pet food through our Pet Pantry Program.

Pet Surrender:  Admissions are handled by appointment through our Pet Retention Coordinator.
To get started, please e-mail us at to learn more about our intake process and to discuss surrendering your pet.  In your email, please include:

  • Your Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Type of Pet (i.e., dog, cat…)
  • Sex of animal and whether or not they have been spayed/neutered
  • Pet’s Name, Age, and Breed
  • A brief description of the pet including how long you’ve had the pet and where you initially got the pet.
  • Why you’re surrendering the pet
  • Any medical history and vaccine status
  • Any behavior issues we should know about
  • Attach up to three (3) images of the pet (one indoors, one outdoors and one with someone if possible)
We have created a Courtesy Rehoming Page to help you re-home your pet on your own:
  • Get Started – Use this link to post your pet’s information on our Courtesy Rehoming Page.
  • Rehoming Tips – Helpful tips to find the best home for your cherished pet.
  • Rehoming Pet List – View animals currently listed on our Courtesy Rehoming Page.

Animal Resources: