Holiday Season Hours:  Christmas Eve (Closing at 3:00pm), Christmas Day (Closed), New Year’s Eve (Closing at 3:00pm), New Year’s Day (Closed).

Ventura County Animal Services will be closed Thursday, November 23 in observance of Thanksgiving.  Lost and Found services remain available.

I Found Kittens

What to do if you found kittens.  The answer isn’t as easy as you may think!  Please follow this handy flowchart to determine your course of action.

Everyone loves kittens!  Therefore, it’s safe to say you would help any kittens you found in the neighborhood.  However, we need your help before you begin taking action.  Please consider the following: all kittens have mothers, and their mothers are their best caregivers.  She provides lifesaving milk, fends off predators, and keeps her little ones warm. Kittens should only be removed if it is warranted.  So, when is it appropriate to move or remove kittens?

      • If the kittens appear sick or injured: Carefully transport them to a local veterinarian or bring them to VCAS for care.
      • If kittens are located in a dangerous place (i.e., near a busy street): Gently move them, along with their nesting area if they have one, to a safer place nearby so their mother can easily find them. Keep an eye on them to make sure mama cat returns.
      • If mama cat is permanently gone: Before you take action on an unguarded group of kittens, observe them from a distance. If mama cat has not returned from hunting within 6-8 hours, you can either care for her kittens on your own as a Good Samaritan (caretaker), or you can bring them to VCAS to be placed into Foster Care. To give you a jump start on your kitten journey, we have created KITTEN STARTER KITS available at no cost!
      • If kittens are older than 4 weeks: These kittens are now old enough to eat solid food and will benefit from human socialization so they can be adopted out to a loving family.

As a Good Samaritan, you can either find the kittens good homes on your own or you can contact VCAS for assistance. Visit for helpful tips on finding loving homes for your kittens.

Financial Responsibility – If you choose to be the Good Samaritan (caregiver), please be aware that you will be financially responsible for any costs associated with the care of the kittens.

Thank you so much for caring about cats and kittens in need! If you have any questions or need assistance in any way, please call us at (805) 388-4341. Experienced staff members are standing by!

Ventura County Animal Services

Please visit  if you found an adult cat.


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