DID YOU KNOW:  Most stray cats seen in the community are, in fact, owned by someone nearby.

66% of cats who are reported as “missing” actually return home, on their own, if left undisturbed. In fact, only 5% of stray cats brought to shelters are ever reunited with their owners. Compare that figure to stray dogs who are 10x more likely to be reunited with their families. Why the big difference? Dog owners quickly notice their dogs are missing because they don’t go out exploring the neighborhood like many cats do. Thus, dog owners begin their search right away, whereas cat owners tend to wait a few days to see if their cat comes home. During these few crucial days, their cat may get adopted out to a new family if they are brought to the shelter. Many outdoor cats are just exploring the area and will return home shortly.

So, when is it appropriate to act? If you see an outdoor cat, please observe them and ask yourself:

1.  Do they appear happy, healthy, and well-fed?
2. Do they appear sick or injured?
3. Does their coat appear unkempt or do they appear to be losing weight?

If you notice an outdoor cat in the community who seems to be not doing well, please call us at (805) 388-4341 and bring the cat in so we can help them. If you see outdoor cats who appear healthy and in good condition, they’re likely being cared for by someone nearby and should remain in the area where they were thriving.

Thank you for caring for cats in our community!

Please visit www.vcas.us/ifoundkittens if you found kittens.