Ventura County Animal Services will be closed Thursday, November 23 in observance of Thanksgiving.  Lost and Found services remain available.

Cat Trap Loan Program

Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) has created a Cat Trap Loan Program to provide humane traps to experienced trappers who are performing TNR services.  The goal of TNR (Trap Neuter Return) is to humanely decrease the population of Community Cats who roam our streets by trapping them in a humane trap, transporting them to a veterinary facility for spay or neuter, then releasing them back to the area from which they were trapped if it is safe to do so.

If you would like to become a VCAS-approved trapper and obtain a trap from our department, please watch the instructional video below and come to the Camarillo Animal Shelter to complete the necessary paperwork.  When you arrive, you will be given a short written exam to ensure you have watched and understand the information in the video.  You will then be asked to read and sign a Cat Trap Loan Agreement and provide photo identification.  This only needs to be done the first time you pick-up a trap.

***WARNING:  Traps can be harmful or deadly if not used properly.  Animals could go without food or water if traps are not checked regularly, at least every one (1) hour.  Traps are not meant to be placed in areas far from your home nor are they intended to be used to trap wildlife or owned animals.***


No appointment is necessary.  If you have already completed the necessary paperwork and are in our system as a “VCAS Approved Trapper,” you will be provided a humane trap and given a return date.  A $75 refundable deposit is required for each trap loaned out.  Deposits can be in the form of cash or personal check and are returned/refunded when the trap returns undamaged and fully intact.  VCAS is not responsible for stolen traps. If traps are stolen or damaged beyond repair, VCAS may retain the deposit in order to purchase a replacement trap.  Please do not purchase a replacement trap or make any attempts to fix broken traps.


No appointment necessary.  Upon arrival at the Camarillo Animal Shelter, a staff member will inspect the trap for damage and general cleanliness.  All traps must be returned in the same condition in which they were loaned out.  Please hose/wipe down the trap with plain water only, making sure there is no visible dirt, food, hair or other foreign matter.  Please do not disinfect traps.  Traps are disinfected on-site at VCAS.  If traps are returned in an acceptable condition, your deposit will be returned/refunded.  If a trap is returned in an unacceptable condition, VCAS may retain all or part of the deposit.


In addition to watching the video below to learn about how to set a trap, please CLICK/TAP here to read Trapping Instructions. (PDF)


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