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To improve the lives of the animals in our care, be timely and compassionate in our responses, educate the public through community outreach and, provide for the health and safety of the citizens and animals of Ventura County.

Welcoming New Pets!

Congratulations on your new pet!

A Few Quick Reminders:
  1. Adjustment time: It takes time for new pets to adjust. So be patient. Don't force a bonding session. Let them come to you.
  2. Kids: For the first few weeks make sure pets and kids are supervised at all times.
  3. Pets: Animals are territorial. If you have an existing pet make sure the initial introduction is done on neutral ground like a nearby park (not a dog park) and that all pets are on leash.
    1. Separate water and food bowls.Welcome Dog
    2. Separate beds.
    3. Separate toys.
    4. Separate sleeping areas for the first few weeks!


  1. DOGS
    1. Chewing on furniture or other items
    2. Difficulty with children
    3. Barking
    4. Aggression
    5. Separation AnxietyWelcoming Home Your New Cat
    6. Whining
  2. CATS
    1. Litter box issues
    2. Spraying
    3. Scratching furniture
    4. Aggression
    5. Pet Behavior & Training

Saving Money On Pet Care: Great resource guide: https://www.couponchief.com/guides/ultimate_guide_to_saving_money_on_pets

You should have received one of these two packets for Dogs or Cats with amazing resources and tips for welcoming your new pet!

         Tips On Caring For Your Dog.pdf

         Tips On Caring For Your Cat.pdf

Additional Pet Behavior & Training Tips
VIDEO: ASPCA Tips For New Dog Parents