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To improve the lives of the animals in our care, be timely and compassionate in our responses, educate the public through community outreach and, provide for the health and safety of the citizens and animals of Ventura County.

Pet Information

Pet's Gender: Male
Age: 2
Weight: 9
Size: Small
Is your pet Spayed (Female) or Neutered (Male)?: Yes
Is your pet microchipped?: Yes

Pet Descriptions

Is your pet current on all vaccinations?: Yes
Is your pet house-trained or litter box trained?: Yes
Is your pet crate - trained?: No
Is your pet generally friendly with other pets?: Unsure
Is your pet child - friendly?: Unsure
Is your pet an "outside" pet?: No
Does your pet live only outside?: No
Why do you need to re-home your pet? Please be specific.: I strongly believe turbo needs a home where he is the only pet in the household and he needs someone who can give him 100% attention.
What, if any, medical concerns does your pet have?: Hip dysplasia
Superficial corneal vasularization
fused toes on the back left foot
He doesn't really get along with other pets who want to play, he will scream if they get too close or play a little too rough. He doesn't like to be picked up randomly or he will cry or scream. Usually you have to let him know you will be picking him up.
What are two favorite things about your pet?: When he is calm and no animals are around he likes to run after you. He likes to follow you around when no one else is near you or animals. He sleeps like a baby.
Does your pet live with any children? If yes, please list their ages.: no
Does your pet live with other animals? If so, please list age, gender, species, breed and how they act around one another.: We have a minature doberman age 12 male, acts pretty fine around him most of the time. we have a cat about 2 1/2 year male, he doesn't like the cat. And a dalmation pup 1 year male, also not getting along.He will scream if either of those 2 get too close

Contact Information

Email: joseb9631@gmail.com