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To improve the lives of the animals in our care, be timely and compassionate in our responses, educate the public through community outreach and, provide for the health and safety of the citizens and animals of Ventura County.

Pet Retention

Pet Retention Program
   Helping Keep Pets with People!

UPDATE: Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) has temporarily suspended our Pet Retention Program. This program helps pet owners keep people and pets together thanks to a generous grant from the Petco Foundation and is expected to resume by the beginning of October, 2018. In the interim, should you need to surrender your beloved pet, please browse our resources page before visiting the shelter to explore creative yet user-friendly ways to re-home your pet. As a reminder, the shelter should always be your last resort should you find yourself in a situation where your pet must be rehomed.


If you’ve landed on this page then you likely need help with your pet. But before you surrender your pet, please consider othe
options that are available. Often, the issues you’re facing are easily fixed — and we can help you, allowing you to keep your pet as an important member of the family.

Ventura County Animal Services understands, that there are some circumstances where surrendering your animal is unavoidable. We are here to to provide you with a multitude of resources and assistance to help keep your loved pet in your loving home. We offer low-cost vaccination clinics, pet food assisntace, behavioral recommendations, and so much more. We are here to help people and their pets.

How can we help you?

Remember, surrendering your pet to an animal shelter is the last resort when you have tried everything else. Shelters can be noisy, crowded and scary places. Please do your best to find a home for your pet before bringing them to the shelter. Your pet might live in a kennel for quite a while (sometimes or even years) before he/she finds a home.

Before bringing your pet to the shelter, be sure you have explored ALL other options:

1)   Have you tried finding your pet a new home on your own?

2)   Have you checked with family/friends/neighbors/coworkers to see if they can take your pet?

3)   Have you tried re-homing your pet using our Courtesy Re-homing page?

4)   Have you read our list of Re-Homing Tips that will increase your chances of finding a new home for your pet?

5)   Have you listed your pet on www.NextDoor.com?

6)   Have you tried temporarily boarding your pet until your life has settled down?

7)   Have you talked with your doctor about obtaining a prescription for an “Emotional Support Animal?” This will allow you to have your pet even in homes that does not accept pets.

8)   Have you tried setting up a GoFundMe to raise funds for a vet procedure or pet deposit?

9)   Have you contacted “Dogs on Deployment” regarding the safe keeping of your pet while you’re on active duty?

10)Have you attended one of our monthly low-cost vaccination/microchip clinics to make your pet more adoptable?

If you have explored all other options and you have no other choice but to surrender your pet, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you would like to complete forms ahead of time, click here to download and print the dog surrender form or click here to download and print the cat surrender form.