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To improve the lives of the animals in our care, be timely and compassionate in our responses, educate the public through community outreach and, provide for the health and safety of the citizens and animals of Ventura County.

Leadership Team

Jackie Rose Jackie Rose, Director

Jackie Rose began her animal welfare career in 2007 and has been fortunate to hold several senior executive leadership positions in both non-profit and municipal animal welfare agencies across the country since that time. After having served as the Vice-President for the largest non-profit behavioral healthcare agency in South Florida (an agency she was with for over 19 years), owning a private consulting firm specializing in non-profit board development and organizational capacity building, and having a small law practice, Jackie found a way to combine her executive leadership experience with her passion for animals. Her cross-county journey (fostered by the support of her husband) has provided her the opportunity to be the Executive Director for the Addison County Humane Society in Middlebury Vermont, the Executive Director for the Dutchess County SPCA in Hyde Park New York, the Director of Animal Services for Multnomah County in Portland Oregon and currently serves as the Director of Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS).

Jackie approaches the animal welfare field through the lens of social services and is committed to improving the lives of animal and people.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, a post-graduate certification in Humane Resource Management, a Juris Doctorate in Law, and is a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA).  Additionally, Jackie is licensed attorney and a member of the Florida Bar and is certified in Florida as a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) and a Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional (CCJAP).

Jackie’s philosophy is that animal welfare is simply another branch of the social service fabric of a community.  “While our primary clients may have fur and a tail, they are all connected to people.  Our services touch the lives of people and their pets.”

Jackie is originally from South Florida and has now (after moving to SoCal) has lived in all four corners of the US.  When not at work, Jackie can be found enjoying the outdoors, playing guitar, or spending time with family and friends.  Jackie and her husband currently have two dogs and three cats.

Donna Gillesby, Deputy Director

Donna began her career with VCAS in 1992 as a temporary help kennel attendant. In 1994 she was hired as an Animal Control Officer and, over the years, has held the positions of ACOI, ACOII, Statistics Officer, Supervising Animal Control Officer and achieved the position as Deputy Director in 2009. She has a passion and drive for our Ventura County shelters to be the best they can be. Donna completed the national No-Kill Management course in early 2014 but began making steps toward becoming No-Kill back in 2012. Donna has two successful adult children, Tara and Randy, and three cats named Baby, Ruufie and Ferrah.
Sandra Ropes Sandra Ropes - Assistant to Director and Deputy Director
Sandra joined Ventura County Animal Services in 2013 as an Office Assistant. In June of 2015 she moved to the administration office. She is married and has a daughter. Sandra and her husband are passionate about rescuing. “Adopt Don’t Shop” is their motto. All of their pets have come from shelters. She has two big German Shepherds at home named Boris & Natasha and two Siamese cats named Makua & Makena. 
Phil Phil Rarick - Fiscal/Administrative Services Manager
Phil Rarick joined Ventura County Animal Services in 2018 as the Fiscal and Administrative Services Manager. He serves VCAS by overseeing the fiscal and human resource functions for shelter operations. Working at VCAS is a perfect fit for Phil, as it allows him to help animals in need and the passionate staff and constituents of Ventura County who also love animals. Prior to his role with VCAS, Phil was the Chief Operating Officer for a public relations and marketing firm and has held a variety of other positions with Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Phil and his wife have a young son named Jack and one rambunctious French Bulldog named Monkey. Outside of work, Phil can be found enjoying the outdoors, cooking, grilling or exploring the mountains.
Monica RR Monica Rodriguez - Senior Accounting Technician
Bio coming soon...
heather Dr. Heather Skogerson, Chief Veterinarian
Dr. Heather received her undergraduate degree from the  University of Nevada Reno. I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Colorado State University. While Ballard was always her home town, she grew up traveling across the United States and two countries with her family. She started her career in veterinary medicine as a large animal intern at a surgical referral facility in Reno. She switched to small animal medicine when her son came along. She then practiced small animal medicine in Carson City, Nevada for eight years before moving back to her home town of Ballard, CA. She is on the Board of Directors for the Animal Rescue Team, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility in Solvang, CA.

Dr. Heather came to VCAS in November of 2012. Shelter Medicine was new to her so she spent every free moment reading everything sje could so that she could do the best for the animals under her care. Shelter medicine now has become a burning passion for her. She still spends time learning every day on new and improved information for the care and medicine of shelter animals. She has taken numberous courses through the University of Florida regarding Veterinary Forensic Science to assist law enforcement officers with animal cruelty investigations.

In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities; stand up paddling, hiking, and biking to Spudnuts with her son. She enjoys traveling to Baja to relax on the beach and the occasional motorcycle adventure.

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Randy Friedman, Marketing Manager

Randy joined VCAS in 2012 as a volunteer and became the shelter's first Marketing Manager shortly thereafter. Randy's long career in science, education, technology and digital media made him an excellent candidate to create a strong Marketing Department for an organization that was transitioning to no-kill.

Keeping positive, both in-person and online, is very important to him. He knows that you attract more bees (or followers) with honey rather than vinegar. In addition to his official role, Randy supervises business interns from two local universities, helps organize staff BBQs and staff bonding activities. He has lived in a variety of locations such as Israel, Washington D.C., and in the picturesque mountains of San Jacinto where he was the Master Teacher at an outdoor space and science facility. After a long day of feeding the Social Media machine, broadcasting live on Facebook and creating fundraising campaigns, Randy enjoys spending time with Josie, his Jack Russell mix who he adopted from VCAS in 2017. He looks forward to the day when his job will no longer be needed and every healthy, adoptable animal has found their forever home.


Kimberly Flavin, Volunteer Program Manager

Kimberly has always had a love for learning and a passion for animal behavior and enrichment. She received a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She began her career in animal welfare at a small rescue in Santa Barbara in 2009 and has advocated for changes to improve the quality of life for shelter animals ever since! She joined VCAS in 2012 and built our Canine Behavior and Enrichment Program from the ground up! Kimberly is currently our Volunteer Programs Manager, ensuring our volunteer program is accessible, meaningful, and rewarding. She oversees our Foster, Behavior, Enrichment, and Rescue Programs. She is grateful for the ability to run daily playgroups, lead training sessions, and develop innovative, volunteer-led enrichment activities to keep our shelter animals healthy and happy.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, fishing, and gardening. She loves to take road trips in pursuit of her favorite outdoor activities with her dog, Muddy, and her cat, Sadie. If she doesn't have an adventure planned, she fosters shelter dogs to give them a break from the shelter.

Carla Shelter Manager Carla Faulkner, Shelter Manager
Carla has always had a deep love for animals. She was that kid bringing home baby birds to take care of, stray dogs and cats to keep as pets, and had bunnies, hamsters, mice and aquarium fish. Her passion led her to pursue a career in Veterinary Technology at Los Angeles Pierce College and become a practising Registered Veterinary Technician. She joined Ventura County Animal Services in 2011 with a high level of experience in general medicine and dentistry. She worked for many years in the Veterinary Office to nurse, nurture and recover the many animals in need that come to the Shelter. A passionate cat advocate, she noticed that the high numbers of cats that the Shelter receives needed extra attention to create positive outcomes. She became involved in assisting pathways for cats to leave the Shelter and volunteered to become the Shelter liaison to the Community Cats Coalition. She hopes to see Ventura County advance a successful Trap-Neuter-Release program to secure population control of tame and feral free roaming cats. This would alleviate the strain on Shelter resources by reducing the number of cat and kitten intakes. Her participation in Shelter processes andpathways led her to seek and acquire the position of Shelter Manager, where she can devote her focus to promoting positive pathways for all the animals that enter the Shelter. She also serves to integrate community outreach efforts of the Rescue Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Foster Coordinator, Pet Retention Coordinator and Behaviorist to provide the best care for the animals the Shelter serves. 

Carla has lived in Ventura County most of her life and currently with her family and dogs. She likes to garden in her backyard, at least as much as her dogs will let her. She likes to travel, go camping and goes hiking or on bike rides on the weekend. She enjoys cooking and is a true foodie-she loves ALL good food! She can quite often be found reading a variety of subjects, usually multiple books at the same time. Her guilty pleasure is anything Sci-Fi/Fantasy! 

Bryan Bray, Supervising Animal Control Officer (Field Operations)

Bryan joined our team in 2005, as an animal control officer I, working in the kennels. He is a lifelong Ventura County resident. Over the years he has serviced our department in several capacities. Some of his duties included, investigating nuisance complaints, assisting in training staff, and acting as the department safety officer. For many years he has been the department's Emergency Volunteer Response Team coordinator. He coordinates emergency response with partnering agencies, volunteers, and has coordinated animal evacuations throughout the years. Bryan is currently the field operations supervisor and has oversight of services performed in the contract cities. In addition, he also oversees the administrative citation program with the individual cities, and coordinates licensing programs. He also developed and supervises the department's license ambassador team. 
AlinaHoffman   Alina Hoffman, Senior Field Officer
Alina joined Ventura County Animal Services in 2015 as a Senior Field Animal Control Officer. Since her career began in 2001, she has worked as a kennel officer, field officer and a humane officer. She has been passionate about animals her whole life and has found working with animals and the public to be a challenging yet rewarding career.

She is kept busy with helping the public file nuisance complaints and scheduling hearings. She is a safety officer who also runs the monthly low-cost vaccine clinics and assists with overseeing field operations including E.V.R.T (Emergency Volunteer Rescue Team). Alina has attended numerous seminars, workshops and education courses centered around animal welfare, emergency preparedness and humane education.

Life is hard, and she loves helping people where and when she can. Being humble and having empathy goes along way in our industry.

  Jennifer Thaler, Shelter Suprivsor
Jennifer began working for Animal Services in October of 2000. She began as an ACO II Kennel Officer. She has held a variety of positions from Field Officer, to Assistant Vet Tech, to Statistics Officer, and ACO III. Some of her accomplishments include creating the original foster program, kitty cottage and the offsite cat program. Jennifer has always had a strong passion for animals.

Jennifer decided to pursue a career working with animals and finding a way to enrich their lives and find them loving homes. Jennifer’s specialty is cat behavior and working with difficult cats and kittens. She has earned the nick name the “cat whisperer “.

In her spare time Jennifer enjoys riding horses, spending time with her fur babies and her husband.

Chloe Williamson - Senior Animal Control Officer, III

As an Senior Animal Control Officer Chloe Williamson is a leader at her workplace. She demonstrates her enormous capacity for compassion & empathy daily. She graduated from CSU Channel Islands with a Bachelor's Degree in History. She works with at-risk youth and hopes to one day bring love to the youth through animals. At VCAS, Chloe is committed to the animals and determined to bring joy to everyone she meets.